“One of the Best Wing Chun Instructors Around”
Joseph Jackson, PMC Blackwater/Xe Intl., New Haven, CT

I first trained with Sifu Ken Chun back in 1998 in Fat San ( Fu Shan ), People’s Republic of China. We were introduced through Grand Master Chris Chan. Grand Master Chan spoke very highly of Sifu Chun, saying “Train with Ken, he is one of my best.” Grandmaster Chan does not hand out compliments often or easily, so I listened and was not disappointed. I found his teaching style to be both approachable and informative. I have heard this same description of his abilities from other Sifus that I have trained with from Berlin and Passau Germany to Paris France and even in Hercej Novi, Crna Gora.

I have traveled the world documenting Wing Chun and it’s different lineages. Filming Sifus from Europe to Asia and their teaching styles. Without reservation I can say that Sifu Chun stands out. If you have the chance and are serious about your martial education, you owe it to yourself to take a lesson with him. Even though I live over five thousand miles from Sifu Chun, I still use lessons taught by him in my work and training daily.

“The Ultimate Wing Chun Experience”
Janet Fong

This is from a woman’s perspective. Ken is a superb instructor. I’ve evaluated other martial arts and have also taken Wing Chun under other instructors. I met Ken in 1999 and immediately gravitated towards his style of instruction. Ken is very detailed and provides invaluable insights to the Wing Chun forms. He pushes you to be your best and his style of instruction is very effective. I had to take a hiatus from training due to family situations, but I immediately went back just because of Ken. If you are looking for a martial art that will prepare you for real life situations, give you a strong foundation and a high level of confidence, this is the class for you.

“Great Teacher For A Great Fighting System”

Wing Chun is a highly effective fighting system that focuses on speed, power and technique to subdue your opponent in an efficient and devastating manner. All techniques in the system are simple and direct, and no energy is ever wasted on unnecessary moves. The result is a highly efficient fighting style that delivers all the power and energy on the target.

I have studied Wing Chun under Sifu Ken Chun for over 2 years. My experience has been very positive and rewarding. I have learned the fundamentals of Wing Chun and am proficient in the execution of the offensive/defensive techniques.

Sifu Ken was able to breakdown the techniques in simple terminology and applied practical concepts and examples to demonstrate the correct execution of the moves. His hands-on approach enables the student to learn the techniques and angles correctly to ensure proper progression. In addition to demonstrating the techniques, Sifu Ken delves into the concepts and objectives behind the moves. Furthermore, he applies the techniques in practical examples to demonstrate how the moves are executed properly during realistic scenarios.

I would highly recommend Sifu Ken Chun if you are interested in learning Wing Chun.

“Perfect for women. Wing Chun will change your life.”

Wing Chun is not the kung fu you see in the movies, it is a form of self defense designed for women and smaller guys in mind. Want to jump around and impress your friends? Then Wing Chun is not for you. Want to learn some serious self defense with real world applications? Look no further. Wing Chun will change your life.

“A real expert in Wing Chun Kung Fu”
Sifu Helmut Katzdobler – National Trainer Germany for Chan Shing U.S.A. Wing Chun Kung Fu

If you really want to learn from a real expert in Wing Chun Kung Fu than Sifu Ken Chun is the first choice. He is one of the best fighters and instructors I ever trained with.

“Great for All Levels of Martial Artists”
Jonny Suarez, California

I am a 5 year student of Sifu Ken Chun and Wing Chun kung fu which has opened my eyes to the potential that lies within me. I have been taking martial arts for the past 7 years and have found nothing like Wing Chun and the way that Sifu Ken Chun details it for you. Most martial art classes just take you through the motions, but don’t detail all the things that go on in the mind and body internally. Sifu Ken is able to teach private lesson details in a group class which you can’t find anywhere else. If you are looking for the real deal and have fun in a small class setting than his class is for you.

“A human text book of Wing Chun Kung Fu”
Sifu Steven F. Zeigler, Oahu, Hawaii

Sifu Ken Chun is the most technical of Grand Master Chris Chan’s sifus. Ken has come to train our club here in Hawaii a couple times and we anxiously await his return visit. Sifu Chun is the vice President of US Wing Chun Academy and a walking text book of Grand Master Chris Chan’s system of Wing Chun.

Sifu Ken Chun is very attentive to his students and focuses on critical details that are often overlooked. There are several disciples of GM Chan that can be considered key proponents. Ken stands at the top of that list.

I would highly refer anyone looking for quality Wing Chun instruction to Sifu Ken Chun.

“Intimate teaching by Sifu Chun feels like 1 on 1”
Carl Bredl

Sifu Ken Chun has been my Sifu and friend for nearly two decades. I have experienced different styles and teachers, yet he has made me feel like I’m the only one being taught. Although the class has many students (which is good from a training aspect) he takes the time to explain why the particular move has a specific purpose, when it is to be executed and what the next one should be in a particular situation.

He enjoys teaching and he shares the rich history of Wing Chun. Being very close to the trunk of the style’s ‘family’ tree, there is little lost in translation or generation. He also researches other styles and techniques which enables him to become a better teacher and you a better student. Basic forms, Footwork, Chi Sau, 108 combinations (wooden dummy) and more are covered in the class.

If you’ve taken Wing Chun before, or are new to the style, he’ll find a place for you in the class. It’s all about having an open mind and a closed fist……..

“A budding master”
Mateen Kemet

Sifu Ken Chun is a master technician, and a ardent student of detail. I have trained with Sifu Ken Chun over the years as a student of grandmaster Chris Chan. Ken is my Si Hing, and the resident senior student of Sifu Chan. When I joined, Sifu Chun already had close to 20 years experience and I have learned much while training with him. Whether he is critiquing my chi-sao, testing my power, reviewing the 108 on the dummy or a host of other OLD SCHOOL training methods that Sifu Chan does not teach anymore, Sifu Chun is always on point and a keen observer of your particular difficulties and sticking points. He is an outstanding teacher and anyone lucky enough to take a class with him will be guaranteed an authentic Kung Fu experience.

He earned his status the hard way working his way through the ranks of the school.

Take his class, period.

“Great Wing Chun instructor”
Jeana Deninger

Ken is a very detailed and technical Wing Chun instructor. He spent lots of time teaching us the important basics – breathing, foundation, etc. Every lesson was enjoyable and well worth the time.

“The class is great for all levels”
Anthony Vanegas

 In my experience I would rate Sifu Ken Chun as one of the best instructors I know. The class is great for any level of experience. If you are a beginner Sifu Ken Chun will start you out with proper form. This will involve learning speed, power, and unique angles.

“The Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu”
Robin Kwok

Ken Chun is the highest ranking student from Grand Master Chris Chan since the mid-70’s till present.

Grand Master Chan learned the Wing Chun Kung Fu system along with Bruce Lee in Hong Kong from Grand Master Ip Man (Yip Man) during the 1950’s .

If any one is serious about the Asian Martial Arts this is the one ……

Experience the difference!!

“Why learn from anyone else when you have the BEST!”
Al Fernandez, Chair-Latino Caucus, Northern California/San Francisco Region

Sifu Ken Chun is the BEST in my view. He is a dedicated instructor that takes the time to answer all of your questions, and also demonstrates for you so that you are taught right, not just lip service. I have never met such an instructor that wants you to be perfectly right concerning Wing Chun techniques, and not leaving you with any confusion concerning Wing Chun forms. Do not just take my word, get a hold of him today.

“Sifu Ken Chun is the Man!”
Brien Shamp

Sifu Ken Chun is an experienced Wing Chun teacher and takes his knowledge of engineering and combines it with his years of martial arts. He is great to work with and creates a fun environment.

“Such a Great Experience”
Stephen Ng

I have the opportunity of taking private lessons in Wing Chun with Sifu Ken Chun since October, 2008.

I have studied with different instructors before, and have learned the forms, wooden dummy and weapons. However, Sifu Ken’s approach is very practical and scientific. As a beginner under his instruction, he focuses on teaching me how to use my body, my stance and the power from the ground to generate powerful punches. His explanation in Wing Chun theory is simple and direct to the point, which is easy for students to understand and follow.

I am very blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Sifu Ken, and I am sure he is the one who can help me understand the great art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and guide me to develop my skill and ability to become a better Wing Chun practitioner.

“Patient, Meticulous Teacher”
Chris Chiarella

I studied with Ken for ~10 years in the late 80’s through late 90’s. He is not only proficient with all aspects of Wing Chun, but he has the unique ability to ‘think outside the box’ to motivate his students. His patient, detailed oriented style lends to a great experience.

“Great Sifu”
A Wong, San Francisco, CA

Ken is a great Sifu. He has practiced Wing Chun for over 25 years. I first met him around 2000, and I like his style of teaching. He’s very patient, detailed oriented, and can explain the details of the movements in an understandable manner with demos to back it up. I highly recommend Sifu Ken.

“Difference is in the details…”
Josh Silverman

Ken is very precise in his teaching methods. He will go into extraordinary detail with you about his subject (in this case detailing the first form of the sui nihm tau). Even though it has been a few years since I’ve attended one of his classes, his facts about the first form has stuck in my mind.

Thanks to Ken for detailing the “little idea” for me; it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

“Learn Kung Fu, Change your Life”
Demetri Mouratis

I signed up for Wing Chun Kung Fu in June 2005. Since then, I have learned a lot about Kung Fu and life in general from Sifu Ken. Join us and discover the secrets of dynamic tension. We meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7 PM and Sunday mornings at 9 AM. Beginner students are welcome.

I understand that 2009 and beyond will see new advances in Sifu Ken’s teaching allowing remote students to learn and interact with us. This advance promises to open up the power of Wing Chun Kung Fu to a worldwide audience.