Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I train in Wing Chun?

Although sounding a little biased, we believe that the Chinese martial art system of Wing Chun is the most effective and efficient self-defense system ever created. We teach techniques that enable a student to quickly learn the proper spirit and fighting system to properly defend him/herself in a real life street situation using the minimum amount of effort to achieve maximum results.

Wing Chun kung fu is a highly sophisticated and highly engineered close-range combat system that utilizes the natural movements of the human body using leverage and internal “chi” power. Wing Chun kung fu is widely recognized as one of the most effective forms of martial arts.

In May, 2011, Hong Kong Airlines announced that Wing Chun will be mandatory training for all flight attendants to deal with unruly passengers. Wing Chun is ideal because it was developed as a close quarter combat system.

Why should I train at Wing Chun Dynamics?

Sifu Ken is currently the most senior active student under Grandmaster Chris Chan who is trained and authorized to teach a unique form of internal power development known as “dynamic tension”. From 1995 to 2002, Sifu Ken traveled around the world visiting and comparing skills with the most senior and notable Wing Chun instructors alive. It was from those travels he discovered that dynamic tension was only taught, practiced, and emphasized by Grandmaster Chan. No other Wing Chun instructor in the world incorporates this form of power development in their curriculum!

Chief instructor Sifu Ken Chun has designed a curriculum that allows students to not only get a great workout, but to also learn all the intricate details on how to mentally, physically, and spiritually develop the self-defense techniques, and why they work as efficiently and effectively as they do. Sifu Ken and his assistant instructors have over 75 combined years of experience and knowledge in the system of Wing Chun kung fu. We invite you to join us on an exciting journey to transforming yourself with extreme self-confidence, effective self-defense, optimum health, and power to control every aspect of your life.

Why should I learn “dynamic tension” for internal power development?

Dynamic tension is the heart and core of our training. It is a form of internal “hydraulic pressure” power development that enables a student to rapidly develop their internal “chi” power in a short period of time.

Both Grandmaster Chan and Sifu Ken believe that in a real life fighting situation, you may only get one chance to strike your opponent to end the fight. If that is the case, it is extremely important to possess enough power to end the fight immediately – especially if there are multiple attackers.

Dynamic tension training enables a student to develop devastating power in a fraction of the time compared to other methods. Many times, results are felt by the student after the very first class!

Dynamic tension training goes beyond just developing internal power. This technique of training enables a person to hydraulically increase the blood and energy flow in the body. This allows us to internally move the body’s fluids in a high pressure process to “flush” the internal organs and clear pathways that clear out the “sludge”. The result is a clearer mind and brain, increased energy, less illness, reduced stress, and an overall feeling of optimum health.

We are confident that you will value all the treasures our system of martial arts has to offer. Enroll now; you will not regret the experience!