See how Wing Chun can improve your life!

Wing Chun is a martial art developed over 300 years ago by a Shaolin nun, Ng Mui. Originally taught to a woman to fight a larger and stronger opponent, Wing Chun practitioners learn how to use structure and skill to create tremendous power. Most recently this style of martial arts was seen in movies featuring Ip Man, the master to the legendary Bruce Lee.

Our chief instructor Sifu Ken Chun started his training in 1974 under Grandmaster Chris Chan. With over 40 years of experience combined with extensive travel to numerous Wing Chun schools all over the world, Sifu Ken has brought together an intense and effective curriculum. Sifu Ken promotes a great environment for each student to learn and enjoy the art of Wing Chun while developing personal power, skill, endurance, and confidence.

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What you will discover from Wing Chun Dynamics

  • True Wing Chun Power
    The secret of dynamic tension training in the Wing Chun kung fu system as taught by Grandmaster Chris Chan, student of the late Great Grandmaster Yip Man. Through dynamic tension you will MORE THAN DOUBLE your internal power by training in as little as 5 minutes per day!
  • Work Out for Your Body and Mind
    At Wing Chun Dynamics, chief instructor Sifu Ken Chun has designed an online curriculum that allows students to not only get a great workout, but to also learn all the intricate details on how to mentally, physically, and spiritually develop self-defense techniques.
  • Detailed Wing Chun Techniques
    In every video on the website, Sifu Ken Chun goes through the philosophy and technique to help you maximize your efficiency at Wing Chun through various exercises including Siu Nihm Tao, Huen Sau drills, Wooden Dummy forms, and more!

Class Info

Wing Chun Dynamics is open for enrolling new students. Our weekly class schedule is below. Please sign up for the date and time you would like to visit. Minimum age = 14 years with parent/guardian written consent at the time of visit.

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign up to visit our class. Unscheduled visits without a confirmed appointment are not allowed — no exceptions.

  • Sunday mornings
  • Tuesday evenings
  • Thursday evenings


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